How to do laundry the smart way? Instructions

Even if you have years of experience in operating the washing machine, the result can sometimes be unsatisfactory. No more! Combining the smart powder with a few simple methods that pass from one generation to another and your perfect laundry is one activation button away.

Laundry is a task that requires completion at least few times a week and some may contend that it is a pretty boring task (you probably are bored to even be reading these lines). You'll be surprised that there are ways to do the laundry quicker, better and more importantly – smarter. If you love your clothes, this article is for you.

Once every three to six months, it is advisable to clean and maintain your washing machine. Even your washing machine requires cleaning and current maintenance. Scale, grease and dirt accumulate in the washing machine and a preventative periodic care will assist you in maintaining your clothes super clean. You simply turn on the machine regularly, adding hot water and a cup of vinegar, and let it work. Make sure to leave the machine open after every wash so that not to let mold and mildew odors accumulate.


Choosing the water temperature is another key factor for a successful laundry session; cold water for delicate fabrics and fabrics that may shrink, warm water is suitable for dirty clothes and hot water are best for bed sheets, towels and clothes with stubborn stains.

Use two laundry baskets: colored and white –save time on sorting on the day of laundry, and avoid turning the white undergarments to pink. Moreover, if you find it difficult to read the signs on the clothes, prepare a note with clear instructions and hang it over the washing machine top.


Follow your socks. In order to ensure proper care of socks and other small items, simply collect them in a fabric net and put them in the machine. This way you will ensure that it is secure, and your socks folding will become simpler and more effective.

If you are short on time and need to quickly dry a clothing item, place the item in the washing machine together with a dry towel, the towel will assist in absorbing the moisture and reduce the drying time.  

Pushing on stains removal: obviously, you need to act as immediately after the staining as possible. This way, you can ensure almost complete removal of all stains. A little tip from experience: spread soap mixed with some water on the stain (fat, grease ot color), rub it in and put in the washing machine to let it do the rest of the work.


Instead of piling the clean clothes from one laudry session to another, fold them immediately after they dry. This way you will prevent the clothes from wrinkling and keep the laundry soft and scented.

Choose the right laudry products. Our clothes are very important to us and we wish to keep them new over time. Sano Maxima launches SMART, a smart washing powder and gel, which is based on innovative technology that works in four dimentions; stain removal by means of deep cleaning of the laudry, with components that penetrate into the depth of the fibers and remove invisible dirt; preserving the color of the clothing item; preventing the greying and emphasizing the whiteness of the laundry by means of a mixture of components that prevent the absorption of dirt in the fiber, which is the reason for the greying of the fabric; maintaining the texture of the fabric by means of a technology that covers the stain and protects it.  

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