Why work at Sano?

Sano constantly strives to grow, to continue to develop and to create a better future. Therefore, we invest most of our efforts in recruiting talented and motivated people with a sense of service and personal striving for advancement and excellence.

Sano is an Israeli, family-oriented, warm and supportive company that believes that the human capital is the most important capital which enables Sano to be a leading company in its field. The diverse pool of Sano employees creates a dynamic and innovative environment that provides the ability to grow together and achieve personal, professional and social records.

At Sano, we offer challenging work to anyone - from students, production technicians, sales persons or managers, while allowing promotion opportunities for a wide variety of roles, strong support at times of need, and a variety of learning means and professional education.

On the other hand, Sano - as a family company enables simplification of processes, speeding up decision-making processes and lack of formalities and bureaucracy. We are proud to provide our employees with fair and equal employment conditions, a balanced work-leisure policy that is characterized, for example, by allowing flexible working hours, social activities that include socialization, family vacations and holiday parties throughout the year.

From the earliest days of the company, we run a welfare policy of "open an door and a willing soul", which is responsible for preserving the human capital of the company. The fact that over the years the turnover of employees remained low gives Sano stability and strength!

The Human Resources Department welcomes every request supported by a resume.