How to organize and design our make-up and jewelry stand

Here are tiny but significant tips that will assist you in organizing and arranging your make-up and jewelry stand.

We all know that the make-up stand can be challenging to organize. We will always find tiny objects in it, various items, and many other things that went there without our noticing.

So how do you start organizing? The secret lies in proper storing and thinking of the small details.


Proper organization begins with sorting. For this purpose, equip yourself with various baskets and boxes, preferably transparent - so that they will make it easier for you to find the item. In one of them we will store brushes, in the other eye shadows, and the third will be for blushes and so forth. The important rule is to carefully sort and store one type of products in each basket. Adjust the size of the basket to quantity of the items, where the goal is to arrange the products so that each will be clearly seen. If your make-up is stored in a closet or in a small area, then choose plastic boxes with a lid, so you can place the boxes one on top of the other.

Another tip: Transparent glasses can be used for storing brushes, eye pencils, or mascaras. This way, it is easier to pull out and see their different types, and it is also a beautiful and aesthetic solution.


The secret in organizing jewelry is sorting and separating. If you ever tried to separate a delicate gold chain that is entangled in a huge plastic earring you probably know the reason. For jewelry such as earrings and rings use boxes that are divided into cells (like those used for medicines). To maintain the order, place a pair of earrings or a ring in each cell. It is recommended to hang necklaces and bracelets. Make sure to separate fine delicate necklaces from the large necklaces. Large and heavy earrings can be stored over a fabric cloth like velvet. Before use, spread the cloth and you can clearly see all the earrings.