Sano's employees say

Sharona Taco

My affair with Sano began 21 years ago. I arrived at Sano to replace the secretary of the accountant who had taken a maternity leave, and stayed to this date. After 6 years of work, I received the excellent employee award and an appreciation letter for the work I performed. Sano recognized my potential and suggested that I progress and work as a trade coordinator. This is a very dynamic job with many interfaces within and outside the company. Although I have been in the same position for quite a few years, I continue to learn and I and enjoy every day anew.

As part of my work, I am responsible for introducing new products to the marketing system at Sano. In addition, I am responsible for continuously updating the retail chains regarding price lists and promotions. My work interacts with the logistics centre, with the trade managers, the agents and of course the end consumer. There is not a dull moment, we are working hard and are attentive to market changes. We work in cooperation with all the parties and we meet our targets. You have to have to be initiative and have an open mind, there is a lot of interest in the work, and every day is different from the day before – I am very satisfied and enjoying it here.

What does Sano mean to you?  

This is not a slogan. Sano is really my second home. For quite a few years now…. There are many challenges here, endless learning, a variety of social interactions, and it is fun to get to work! I very much hope to continue to specialize and develop through the pension. It is a great privilege to go side by side with the company as it develops!