Sano's employees say

Ehud Mula

I immigrated to Israel when I was 14 and a half with my parents and siblings. I joined Sano at the end of the year 2013.

I work as a storekeeper at a Sano plant. The job includes working as a forklift operator, responsibility for receiving raw materials from Israel and abroad, working with the quality control lab, and of course the transporting and storing of all the materials that are received. In addition, I am responsible for activities requiring professional knowledge of storage of materials, separation thereof from other materials and handling of emergencies. At Sano, we are constantly learning and developing, we receive responsibilities and we progress. Working at Sano exposes us to diverse and varied work experience, which is very interesting and is enriches the professional and personal knowledge. I am greatly satisfied with the work and I love to provide service and assistance to those who need it.

What does Sano mean to you?

It's like finding another home. Everyone here is family, there is a pleasant and warm environment, and the conditions of the employees are good. There is security and tranquillity here and it is fun to get to work. I very much aspire to continue to advance and even to reach a management positions later on.