Sano’s employees say

Ehud Mula - Storekeeper

I immigrated to Israel when I was 14 and a half with my parents and siblings. I joined Sano at the end of the year 2013.

I work as a storekeeper at a Sano plant. The job includes working as a forklift operator, responsibility for receiving raw materials from Israel and abroad, working with the quality control lab, and of course the transporting and storing of all the materials that are received. In addition, I am responsible for activities requiring professional knowledge of storage of materials, separation thereof from other materials and handling of emergencies. At Sano, we are constantly learning and developing, we receive responsibilities and we progress. Working at Sano exposes us to diverse and varied work experience, which is very interesting and is enriches the professional and personal knowledge. I am greatly satisfied with the work and I love to provide service and assistance to those who need it.

What does Sano mean to you?

It’s like finding another home. Everyone here is family, there is a pleasant and warm environment, and the conditions of the employees are good. There is security and tranquillity here and it is fun to get to work. I very much aspire to continue to advance and even to reach a management positions later on.


Orit Shoker - Development chemist

I started working at Sano 12 years ago in the development department. As soon as I arrived in Sano I felt the ingathering of the exiles. Sano is a large company that employs a wide range of people in different positions and we all feel like one big family.

Today, I work on the development of innovative products, mainly in the field of detergents. Within the framework of my work I manage a number of projects in parallel. The development work is very interesting, from the initial thinking about the product, through the execution and the assembly of the unique formulas, until the final decisions are made and the product is launched to the consumer.

Within the framework of my work, there are many opportunities for learning, developing and deepening the professional knowledge. The working environment is very supportive and very challenging, and there is not a dull moment. The employee has a lot of freedom and is given the chance to express itself, full support, independence and teamwork. The position further includes participation in large conferences and congresses abroad.

It is fun for me to get to work; I always come out with a smile and a sense of satisfaction. Every product that we develop and then see on the shelves at the points of sale – is a great pride! Last year we developed the ‘Mix & Wash’ laundry gel, which won the product of the year award. The award is given to innovative products and is a testament to our success, which is the result of a long, precise and challenging work.

What does Sano mean to you?

Snow is home. It is large and warm family. The pride of a unit, a good atmosphere. I continue to strive for my professional development and of course I see myself here until the pension.


Karin Gambshaw - Trade and Marketing Manager

I started working at Sano in 2010, after completing my master’s degree. It was very important for me to “start from the bottom” and get to know the field well. I started as an agent and for a year and a half I was responsible for clients, who I met with on a weekly basis. Within the framework of this work I was responsible for ordering, collecting and arranging the merchandise on the shelves. In addition, I managed stewards in large retail chains in order to increase sales in every store. After a certain period I progressed and became a Trade and Marketing Manager (TM). As part of my current job, I make purchase orders for visibility aids that are used on the sale floors, I prepare network newsletters according to the monthly offers, I train new agents, and more.

The work at Sano equips me with a great toolbox; I gain extensive experience in the retail industry and create many relationships at my job.

What does Sano mean to you?

The trading family is like an elite commando unit. We all have the same DNA, and we are very connected to each other. There is no one who does not help or want your best. It is fun to get to such a place. It has long been a second home for me, not a place of work. I’m here until the pension.

Ronen Targan - Director of the Logistics Center

I started working at Sano in 2013 as an administrator at the logistics centre. Before I arrived to Sano I worked for two companies as a logistics manager, so I knew that if I started as an administrator at Sano, I would have a chance to progress in the future. Despite the geographical distance from my home, I knew that I have a good opportunity and I knew then that Sano would become my second home.

As part of my job today, as a head of the Logistics Centre, I am required to supervise the employees of the Logistics Centre and ensure that logistical processes in the supply chain are well executed. The main goal of my position is to maintain a high standard of service for the various departments and end customers. During the course of our work we encounter many challenges and constantly act to improve our performance and management capabilities. At the same time we are working on future complex and challenging projects.

On a personal level, I am constantly evolving here. Working with the different people teaches us to be tolerant and containing and there is a very strong sense of ‘all for one’.

What does Sano mean to you?

At work I feel that I am with my family. There is a mutual support here, it comes from the top and through to the end employee. I am always amazed and excited by the enlistment of the employees in every task. I am at my highest professional level and see myself in Sano for many more years to come.


Sharona Taco - Trade Coordinator

My affair with Sano began 21 years ago. I arrived at Sano to replace the secretary of the accountant who had taken a maternity leave, and stayed to this date. After 6 years of work, I received the excellent employee award and an appreciation letter for the work I performed. Sano recognized my potential and suggested that I progress and work as a trade coordinator. This is a very dynamic job with many interfaces within and outside the company. Although I have been in the same position for quite a few years, I continue to learn and I and enjoy every day anew.

As part of my work, I am responsible for introducing new products to the marketing system at Sano. In addition, I am responsible for continuously updating the retail chains regarding price lists and promotions. My work interacts with the logistics centre, with the trade managers, the agents and of course the end consumer. There is not a dull moment, we are working hard and are attentive to market changes. We work in cooperation with all the parties and we meet our targets. You have to have to be initiative and have an open mind, there is a lot of interest in the work, and every day is different from the day before – I am very satisfied and enjoying it here.

What does Sano mean to you?

This is not a slogan. Sano is really my second home. For quite a few years now…. There are many challenges here, endless learning, a variety of social interactions, and it is fun to get to work! I very much hope to continue to specialize and develop through the pension. It is a great privilege to go side by side with the company as it develops!