What’s the problem? Get Sano

Since its establishment Sano has focused on providing quality and efficient solutions to consumers, and inscribed on its flag the slogan: What is the problem? Get Sano.

Sano develops a wide variety of products every year. For us, innovation is generating genuine value for the consumers and our engine for providing solutions that assist in maintenance of the home.

The innovation team is attentive to the changing needs of the consumer and develops for the consumer efficient, convenient and easy to use products. Throughout the development of the products we make sure to adapt the products to the typical Israeli hot climate, the quality of the water and the nature of the dirt in our region.

Our continuous contact with our customers is the spine of the innovation process at Sano. You came across a problem? We will happily hear it and invent a solution to solve it.

Is there a problem?

In recent years we have continued to innovate with a variety of products including:



Sanomat Smart

A mosquito repelling electric device with a smart timer that automatically turns off the device and saves electricity and filling.






Refresh spray for neutralizing bad odors

An ‘odor lock’ technology spray that captures and neutralizes bad odors that accumulate around the house and on fabric.






Mix and wash Sano Maxima Gel

A washing gel with a unique technology that prevents color transition in the laundry and allows washing of bright and dark colored fabrics together without sorting them.