quality and environment

Sano is committed to providing its customers with excellent quality products. Maintaining the quality of the company products begins at the development stage. The raw materials used and the manufacturing processes at Sano are carried out with strict quality control.

The products of the company are designed for maximum efficiency and the manufacturing processes at Sano include controls that guarantee the esteeming of the products. All Sano products comply with the relevant regulatory requirements in Israel and worldwide. The quality system at Sano reviews and maintains the quality of the products as of the stage of transporting raw materials to the plant and through their reach to the point of sale. The Customer relations department is attentive to consumers and in charge of providing a quick response to any consumer request.

As of the end of 2010, the company has been holding the "Platinum Certificate" issued by the Standards Institution of Israel, which means that it complies with 5 standards and certificates as follows: Quality Management (ISO 9001), Management of Occupational Health and Safety (OSHAS 18001), Environmental Management (ISO 14001), as well as the Green certificate and Standard Certificate for various products. The Platinum Certificate is given to a limited number of companies in Israel and Sano is proud to be one of these companies.