8 Original uses of aluminum foil

While we are used to using aluminum foil as part of baking, cooking and wrapping mean, there are a few other surprising uses that are worth knowing and implementing.


  1. Create baking dishes – you are about to bake a cake but you do not have a suitable dish? With aluminum foil folded into several layers, you can create a stable frame of the desired size and place it in an existing dish.

  2. Polish the silverware - cover a pan with aluminum foil. Pour a glass of water and two tablespoons of baking soda on it and place blackened silver inside. Leave the silver for five minutes, and then wash as usual. The black layer will disappear and the tools will become silver and shiny again.

  3. Upgrade the mirrors - most mirrors have a silvery gray back coating that can peel off and be seen through the mirror. Stick a small piece of aluminum foil over the peeled area to return the missing piece to the mirror.

  4. Sharpen old scissors - fold paper into a square comprised of eight layers and cut it through using the dull scissors. The transition between the layers will sharpen the scissors.

  5. Renew the jewelry - in a bowl covered with aluminum foil, mix warm water and a large spoonful of Sano Maxima Washing Powder. Dip the jewelry in solution for a few minutes and rinse well with running water. Let the jewelry dry in the air. The laundry powder contain active ingredients which - in combination with the aluminum create a chemical reaction that makes the jewelry shine and annuls the oxidation process that the metal undergoes.

  6. Quick repair of the TV remote control - the spring of the battery is worn out and it loses its elasticity? Place a small piece of rolled aluminum foil at the tip of the spring; it will improve the electricity transmission from the battery to the remote control.

  7. Keep pigeons and birds away – in order to keep the winged creatures away from balconies or the fruit trees in the garden, cover the balcony handrail or some of the fruits on the tree with aluminum foil. The shine and the reflection in the sun deter the winged creatures.

  8. Remove rust - in cases where rust appears on screws or hangers in the bathroom, rub them with aluminum foil. The chemical reaction between the aluminum and the chromium, which is usually used as a coating material, will remove the rust.