5 Possible reasons for a bad odor around the house

Alongside familiar odors such as a tin that has not been emptied a few days or dishes in the sink, the center of the odor is not immediately apparent and it affects the quality of life and sometimes even health. What could be the reasons for the bad odor around the house?


You enter the house and the first thing that hits you is a rather bad odor. In the majority of cases, the origin of the odor will be revealed – such as a garbage tin that was not emptied for a few days or dishes left in the sink. However, sometimes, the bad odor indicates a wider issue.

  1. Mold – if you ever entered a cave in nature, you would probably recognize the typical smell of mold. It is a kind of smell that reminds the smell of damp but it is more pungent and stifling. Beyond the aesthetic issue, a mold problem can affect our health and it is important to eradicate it as soon as possible. A musty smell around the house will often indicate leakage or dampness that encourages mold growth. Therefore, it is recommended to consult with a professional, to locate the wet center and to handle the source of the problem.
  2. Noxious odor in the pipeline – if the case concerns a repeating typical smell of sewage, then there may be a problem of drainage or repeated blockage in the building pipes. The pungent odor of a carcass with no visible source can indicate that small animals like mice, rats, or birds may have been caught in the house pipeline. In both these cases it is advisable to seek a professional to solve the problem from its roots.
  3. Air conditioner - a bad-smelling air conditioner may indicate the reproduction of mold in the filters, a problem in the fluids drain that causes the air conditioner to smell of wet clothes. To maintain the air conditioner over time it is recommended to clean the filters once every few months and ensure proper maintenance of the device.
  4. Smoking - even if you try to ventilate the house as much as possible, the smell of cigarettes is absorbed in the curtains, furniture and even the walls and it strikes every time you enter the house. Make sure the ashtrays are emptied frequently and if you can, avoid smoking inside the house (or better yet, avoid smoking in general). The smell of cigarettes can be neutralized using Sano Refresh, which neutralizes odors using innovative technology that capture bad odor molecules and which clears the typical smell of smoke.
  5. Dust - the smell of dust is typical of poorly ventilated houses or houses loaded with objects that tend to accumulate dust. You may not notice this smell often, but large amounts of dust can cause allergies and irritations in the eyes and the respiratory system. Make sure to clean dust from surfaces and furniture, even books – that also tend to accumulate dust. If the problem continues or has pungent odor, check the air conditioners that sometimes, due to failures, may spread dust particles during usage.