5 Areas around the house that it is most important to clean

You are probably certain that the toilet bowl is the dirtiest thing around your house. But you are wrong. What are the places around the house with the most bacteria and pollutants, and how can you maintain the environment clean and safe?

The American Institute of Microbiology examined and discovered that there are hundreds of thousands of bacteria in the domestic environment.

Truth be told, most of them do not harm our organism and we live with them in harmony. However, some of the bacteria found in the house are very harmful and most of you know their names: Salmonella, E-coli and bacteria such as mold.

So where will you find the most harmful bacteria around the house and how can you keep the environment clean and safe?

A damp cloth and a dish washing sponge

The cloth and the dish washing sponge are the perfect platform for the formation of bacteria – they are damp, they contain food remains and organic substances and are left in the open air. In fact, tests revealed that the cloth and the dish washing sponge contain more bacteria that there is on the toilet cleaning brush(!).

So what do we do? Make sure to thoroughly squeeze the cloth after every use and leave it open on the counter top, or hung on the tap – for swift dry. It is recommended to soak the cloth and the dish washing sponge overnight in a cup containing Sano Javel bleach – for disinfecting and destroying the bacteria.

The sink and the cutting board

Our sink is a fertile ground for bacteria to appear; it contains dirty dishes, food remains and standing waters filled in the cups and bowls. The bacteria are fed from the food remains, the moisture and the wetness. It was found the E-coli bacteria (that are usually found in urine or feces) reproduce around the sink area and may reach your hands or your food.

And the cutting board? The cutting board too is a fertile ground for bacteria! The bacteria accumulate and reproduce in the cracks and scratches on the surface and though we wash the cutting board when we are done using it, the bacteria “do not disappear”, and may transit from one use to another.

So how do we deal with it? It is recommended to sanitize the sink using Sano Javel for perfect cleaning and sanitization. The bleach destroys bacteria, mold and fungus and will assist us in maintaining a cleaner and more hygiene environment. It is important to thoroughly clean the tap and the sieve in the sink. As for the cutting board – it is recommended to separate between the cutting board used for meat, fish and vegetables. It is necessary to ensure that the cutting board is washed with bleach or with Sano Javel for cleaning the kitchen. After sanitization, it is important to thoroughly wash the cutting board with water.

Handles and switches

If this article would discuss the most polluted areas in our body, our hands would probably be ranked at the top, and thanks to this interesting details – the handles and switches in our house win a dubious place of honor.

The bathroom light switch will usually be overloaded with bacteria, but so are the door handles and the fridge and oven handles.

What can we do? Dirt such as finger prints and dark marks are easily cleaned with the wonder sponge, but even before the dark marks are formed on the handles and the switches, they can be cleaned using a dump cloth soaked in an antibacterial substance such as Sano Jet for general cleaning, which eliminates 99.9% of the bacteria in a minute.



The bathroom and the lavatory

With all due respect to the kitchen, the bathroom and the lavatory are still the bacteria most favorite places. After all, this is the place where we get rid of the dirt and waste that our body produces. Every time we flush down the toilet, tiny drizzles of water are splashing around and diffuse bacteria on the bathroom floor, the walls and everything else in the area. During your next bathroom visit, we recommend to close the toilet cover before you flush down the water. And how can the bathroom be kept clean?

It is recommended to clean the sink and the bathroom floor on a daily basis, and ensure that no dirt remains and water are left around, such that can comprise a platform for the reproduction of bacteria.

It is recommended to clean the toilet using designated cleaning and polishing materials such as Sanobon, with the active foam effect.

Clean the taps and the other stainless steel or metal items with Sano Anti Calc for sanitization and for the removal of the lime scale and rust.

The keyboard, the remote control, the tablet and the cell phone

The keyboard, the remote control, the tablet and the cell phone are items used regularly and on daily basis, and still – we do not bother to clean or sanitize them. We touch them and hand them from one hand to another, and so we transfer bacteria.

On the keyboard, for example, it is possible to find mold and fungus, and so is the case of the remote control. A vast diversity of bacteria can be found on the cell phone, including feces bacteria! So how are these cleaned? Make sure to clean the regularly items used by the family members using a dump cloth soaked in Sano Spray and Wipe intended for the cleaning and destroying of bacteria. A significant advantage of the Sano spray and Wipe is that it is not necessary to wash it after the use.