Floor mopping plus - how to clean various types of floor

Parquet or marble, ceramic and even concrete – nowadays there are many types of floors. How to wash and clean them thoroughly? Here are all the tips and emphases.

Nowadays, there are different floor surfaces ranging from marble, parquet in the rooms, ceramic or granite porcelain and even concrete – all of which are found almost in every house. Floors are made of different materials and each requires different care and different maintenance. So how do you wash and clean the house floors?



In recent years Israeli homes have discovered parquet. The wooden floors provide a warm and pleasant appearance to the house. The parquet does not become cold and is softer than stone floors. Its characteristics make it especially suitable for children and babies rooms. Contrary to the myth that the parquet is difficult to maintain, the truth is that it requires very little to keep it clean. Sea sand and other hard particles affect the parquet similarly to sandpaper; they abrasion and scratch the wood. Therefore, it is very important to sweep the parquet frequently and ensure that there are no particles on it. It is also recommended not to drag furniture and put stickers on the bottom of the furniture to prevent scratches. Like any piece of wood, water is not suitable for parquet floors, so the washing should remain minimal. Start with sweeping or vacuuming of the room. Then, mop it with a thoroughly squeezed cloth soaked in Sano Poliwiks Parquet and Water. Finally, thoroughly wipe the entire room and the parquet is clean. If anything is spilled on the parquet, clean it immediately and do not wait for the stain to dry. If there are stains on the floor anyway, clean them with a soft cloth or sponge to avoid scratches.


Marble flooring gives the house a prestigious and shiny look, but improper maintenance of the marble will damage the natural shine of the stone. In addition there may absorb persistent stains, it may scratch and get a murky and obtain unaesthetic appearance.

In order to maintain a clean and shiny appearance of the marble floor, regular cleaning, daily sweeping and delicate rinsing with acid-free detergents are essential. For marble tiles that have been treated with crystal polish, it is recommended to use Sano Crystal Shield, which preserves the shiny look and protects the floor. It is recommended to take care of home polishing once a month using a brushing material such as Sano Super Polish, and professional treatment that includes polish and sealer coating once a year or as needed. Marble floor quickly absorbs liquids spilled over it, so it is recommended to immediately clean every stain before it is fixed. To prevent scratches, wipe the floor with a soft cloth. It is recommended to cover the furniture legs and chairs with silicone coating.

Granite and porcelain

Like marble, granite porcelain tiles shine and give the house a clean, luxurious look. However, this shiny look especially highlights dirt and stains. To preserve the representative appearance of the granite porcelain it is necessary to ensure washing and sweeping of the floors on a regular basis. It is important that the detergent does not contain vax, which damages the natural shine of the granite. There is no need to pour water on the porcelain floor, it is sufficient to thoroughly sweep it, washing it with a damp cloth and drying. For better results, it is recommended to use Sano Polivix for Granite Porcelain, a floor cleaner that is specifically suitable for granite that preserves shine and cleans thoroughly. Although granite porcelain tiles are known for their durability and strength, it is recommended to provide it professional treatment and sealer every 5 years to restore the shine and polish the scratches.


Ceramic tiles are very common and almost every house has at least one area tiled with ceramics. Ceramic is relatively durable and can be used in a variety of cleaning materials, but it is recommended not to use substances that contain vax. If there is a particularly stubborn stain you can try to remove it with dish soap. Also, if you are trying a new detergent on ceramic floor, it is recommended to examine its effect on the floor in a hidden corner before making extensive use of it.

Smoothed concrete flooring

In recent years we have seen more use of smoothed concrete as flooring in homes and in general. The flooring is available in a variety of colors and finishes. The concrete is strong, very resistant to scratches and stains and maintains a beautiful new look over time. The concrete is usually coated with epoxy coating, which gives the concrete additional resistance to various materials.

The concrete floor is washed with water and detergent with a little bit of vax or active shiny ingredient. This time too, the recommendation is not to pour quantities of water but to clean it with a wet cloth. Note that although concrete flooring absorbs stains slower than other types of flooring, we recommend to immediately clean the liquids or stains from the floor so as not to damage the shine layer.