Organizing the shoe closet

You are familiar with it. Morning. Stress. And you have been looking for the sandals of the little one for the past five minutes. How can you organize the shoe closet once and for all, and a winning tip for preventing bad odors.

Let me guess, your shoe closet is not the most organized closet around the house – assuming that you even have a shoe closet. In the case of most of us, we have a box full of shoes in the best case, and in the worst case – we have piles of shoes spread around the dark corners of the house. In the moments of truth, you will find yourselves stumbling around the house trying to look for the lost sandal.

How to deal with the mess? With the assistance of a few easy-to-implement steps, we will organize our shoes. Let’s go.

  1. How many pairs of shoes do you own?

Many times a mess begins with an overload. First of all, gather all the shoes of the household, count and write down how many pairs of shoes each household member has and how they got rid of old, torn and worn out shoes. Now that you have a neat inventory of all the pairs you can organize them, and decide which storage solutions are best for you.

  1. Storage is the name of the game

Shoe storing can be a problem in small houses and when there is a shortage of storage space, which is where creativity is required. First and foremost, you should adjust your storage to the amount of your shoes.

Shelves for shoes – if you own a large number of shoes, it is recommended to get equipped with a shoe closet or terraced shelves for the shoes. In addition, you can find various organizers for your shoes, for instance – such that are hung on the internal part of the closet, and which can accommodate up to 20 pairs of shoes. By the way, if you do have space, it is a great fun to hang shelves designated to shoe even a hive, to feel like the Hollywood stars for a minute, such that exhibit walls of shoes covered with hundreds of pairs of shoes.


Boxes – if possible, keep the original box of the shoes in order to maintain them for longer. Exposed shoes will accumulate dust and will wear out quickly. If you do not have the boxes, you can find small, transparent boxes at low prices on any website selling household items. Obtain an appropriate amount of boxes, in each box you can place two or three pairs of flat shoes. By the way, you can find boxes of different sizes to fit boots, heels or shoes of large sizes.

Baskets – Mary Janes, flip-flops or flat shoes can be horizontally placed in a basket, in an aesthetic and pleasant manner.

3.Sorting and labeling

It is recommended to sort your shoes by type and size. In the case of a cupboard or a storage space to be used by all the members of the household, then allocate a shelf or a number of boxes for each member of the household. Sort your shoes according to the categories that are suitable for you: heeled shoes separated from shoes for daily use, boots separated from flip-flops and sandals, high heels, flat shoes and so on.

Frequently used shoes can be stored in an accessible place, and shoes for events can be stored in boxes and on a high shelf or in the storage. By the way, it is recommended to store in a storage shoes that are not suitable for the current season and taken out only when they are useful again. In order not to lose your head and forget where you placed then and when, write on each box what you placed in it or better, take a photo of the shoe and paste the photo on the box.








4.What do you do with the smell?

It is no secret that shoes accumulate bad odors. Therefore, it is not recommended to put them next to clothes and bed sheets. It is recommended to place Sano Fresh tablets in the shoe closet or the box. The tablets maintain a pleasant smell and freshness for long.

Another tiny but genius tip: place a cloth bag with a little detergent in closed shoes and in sneakers. They will absorb the nice smell.