Types of stains and the simple way to remove them

Everyone knows that stains require work and focused attention. We are used to treating the formed stains in all sorts of ways and in all kinds of methods. Have you ever thought of why does every stain require a different action? Why are there easily removed stains while others are more stubborn? To really understand how stains can be treated, it is important to understand what they consist of;

Stains are divided to three, according to the type of substances that effectively decompose them: 

Protein and sticky starches stains - difficultly removed stains that are made by eggs, porridge, milk delicacies, blood, cornflakes, meat, etc. These are stains that are best removed by means of enzymes.

Fatty stains - stubborn stains that are resulted of olive oil, butter, grease, makeup, etc. These stains are best removed by soaps and soapless soaps (fats dissolvers).

Color stains - stains containing pigments such as coffee, wine, tea, puree and fruit juices, tomato paste, etc. are best removed by oxidizing substances that will effectively dissolve the stains.

So what really is the problem? Why are we sometime find it so difficult to remove stains? 

Many stains are complex stains. Bolognese sauce, for example, is comprised of protein stains (the meat), from fat stains (olive oil) and from color stains (tomatoes). In order to effectively remove the stain, a strong product is needed, such that combines all three technologies. Just for that, the Oxygen series launches the Sano Oxygen POWER, a powerful stain removal powder suitable for both colored laundry and white laundry! Sano Oxygen POWER combines the three components necessary for the removal of all types of stains; enzymes, active oxygen and lipid solvents. The unique combination of the three components enables the Sano Oxygen POWER to handle even the most difficult stains and to return the sparkle to the laundry.

Tips for the user: 

In cases of difficult and spotty stains it is important to take care of the stains before washing. You can use the measuring spoon for the mixing of equal amounts of water and Oxygen powder, and to lightly rub the formed paste onto the stain. At the end, use it in the washing machine as an additive. In the case of normal stains, you can simply wash the clothes in the machine and add the Oxygen powder in the designated compartment.