Surprising stain removers

Get to know several surprising tips related to stain removal


No matter how careful we are, we all can stain our clothes from time to time. In addition to the usual stain removal products, we have recommendations for some surprising stain removers.

When it comes to stain removal, there is a particularly important principle: it is best to treat the stain as close as possible to its formation. Stains that left on the clothing item for a long time - will be more difficult to remove. In addition, it is recommended to test the effect of the material you are using on a hidden place in the clothing item to ensure that the fabric will not be damaged. Note that the clothing item label usually contains warnings about the use of the different substances on the material.


Ice comes to our aid in the treatment of stubborn and sticky stains such as chewing gum, plasticine, mud, wax or fresh chocolate stains. How does ice remove stains? Ice freezes the stain and allows us to scratch it without damaging the fibers of the fabric. Place ice on the gum that sticks to the clothing item, gently scrap the surface, and then wash as usual. Another method is to wet the stained area and to put the clothing item in the freezer for an hour, and then scratch the area.

Dish soap

You will be surprised to discover that dish soap will not only clean the dinner plates but also the stains that may be resulted from it. The active ingredient in the dish soap is designed for dissolving and removing grease from dirty dishes and will work similarly on stains formed on clothing. The dish soap will dissolve the fatty factor that caused the fabric to stain and will remove it. Spread some dish soap on the stain, rub, wait for half an hour, and wash as usual.


Sun itself can assist us in removing stains. The heat accelerates and strengthens the activity of the materials and helps remove the stain better. To remove stains of baby feces, for example, rub lemon and salt on the stain, leave for an hour in the sun and wash as usual. Stains on which dish soap is spread will be removed faster better after staying in the sun which will accelerate the activity of the active ingredient.