The pests guide - which insects, reptiles, and flying creatures can be found at home

Which insects and pests are particularly common in the home environment and how can they be disposed of? Here is the complete guide

Whether you live in a city or a village, on a ground floor or in a story building, you will probably face some harmful insects at home. In Israel there are quite a few species of pests that are attracted to our homes in search of food or places that are warm and safe for living and reproduction. Beyond the aesthetic issue and the desire to live in a clean environment, it is important to get rid of various pests that may transmit diseases or cause damage near the home. Get to know the common insects in Israel and the safe ways to get rid of them.


American cockroach 

The American cockroach is what most of us refer to as cockroach. An adult cockroach (a mature cockroach can reach 4 cm in size) is reddish brown and can fly. The American cockroach likes heat and moisture, and is often found in the sewage openings, behind electric appliances and in especially damp closets, such as under the sink. The cockroach feeds on food scraps. It finds crumbs and food remains on the floor and tables in the rooms of the house and especially in the kitchen. Kitchen drawers and areas behind the kitchen cabinets, the dishwasher and the refrigerator are especially loved by the cockroach since they are dark, damp, and rich in moist food crumbs, trash cans and sewage. Therefore, the American cockroach likes trash rooms in shared buildings and reservoirs of wet waste. It is known that the cockroach case infect food products and the environment where it is found with its excretion and its presence in unpleasant. The life cycle of a cockroach lasts about 6-12 months, during which a female has more than 100 offspring.

For this reason, when a single cockroach appears, it is important not to let it get away and reproduce quickly. In order to prevent its reproduction at home, it is recommended to spray household pesticides with a continuous kill effect. Spraying should be done according to the instructions on the packaging. Controlled spraying using household pesticides according to the instruction will treat local contamination and prevent the reproduction of cockroaches in the house.

In addition, it is very important to keep the kitchen and home clean, tiny food remains and crumbs in the rooms are loved by the cockroaches and allow them to reproduce around the house rooms.

German cockroach

The German cockroach is relatively small (the size of a mature cockroach is about 1.5 cm), its color is brown to black, and sometimes it will seems as a small version of the American cockroach. It is usually found in private homes, hiding in cardboard boxes or infected objects. The German cockroach is considered to be extremely harmful since it is housed in hidden cupboards and dark places in the kitchen, reproduces more quickly than the American cockroach, and may contaminate the food and kitchen with bacteria. Further, it eats everything from food crumbs found in the closet to fresh food leftovers in the sink; it is very active during the night and almost invisible during the day.

If you see a German cockroach in your home during the day, it is most likely that your house is extremely contaminated. To get rid of it, it is recommended to use Sano K300 plus 8 containing a substance that prevents the reproduction of large populations of cockroaches at home.



An ant usually lives in nests with thousands or tens of thousands of other ants, in the yard, under the floors and even inside the walls of the house. The ants emerge through tiny cracks in the wall in search of food. If you wake up in the morning and discover that the marble countertop in the kitchen is full of ants that carry tiny crumbs, be sure that this will not end with collecting crumbs from the marble, and that you will soon find ants in the kitchen cabinets and in jars or in food packages. To get rid of the ants, first and foremost look for cracks or places which the ants can come out of. Locate the nest and spray it with a substance intended to destroy ants for home use. In addition, it is recommended to spray the route of the ants' convoy, near the nests and corners. Sano K Rav Kotel has a special straw that facilitates spraying in corners and cracks. The K 333 product, which comes with a pleasant lemon aroma, is suitable for the treatment of ant nests and for preventing their appearance.

Dust mites

Dust mite is known in its name but unlike the familiar myth there is no connection between the amount of dust in the house and its presence. Because of its tiny size it moves in the wind, between different dust particles - hence its name. The tiny insect is not visible except through a magnifying glass and it likes a warm and humid environment and is therefore common in Israel. It lives in mattresses, books, clothing, furniture, and practically in every corner of the house, nourished by hair and dead skin cells that fall from all of us. The dust mite excretion is the allergen that causes many people to develop symptoms that include chronic colds, eye sensitivity and difficulty breathing.

It is recommended to ensure constant change of bed linens. It is possible to clean carpets and upholstered furniture using Sano Carpets Plus - the only product that repels the dust mites and is approved by the Ministry of Environmental Protection. If your home is sensitive to dust mites, it is recommended to wash curtains frequently, to wash pillow covers and stationary fabrics. Wiping dust from furniture using Sano Furniture leaves a shiny dust-repelling layer and it further assists in slowing down dust accumulation at home.


Fleas are tiny, blood-sucking insects that bite and can transmit diseases to humans and animals. Their presence is often related to the presence of pets such as dogs, cats and domestic birds that serve their innkeepers. Fleas suck the innkeepers’ blood, which can cause itching, skin rash and discomfort. In addition, they can easily move from one body to another.

To prevent fleas it is recommended to take preventive care of pets before the summer. If tiny, black insects are seen on the animal and it scratches a lot, it must be treated immediately. It is recommended to vacuum the petting surfaces with a powerful vacuum cleaner, and to spray the area with Sano K2000, which is suitable for the destruction of fleas and other insects. Spraying should be carried out according to the instructions of use indicated on the packaging. In any case, do not spray directly on pets.