Cleaning the windows with a smile

Window cleaning is no daily task but after reading this article, it will be an easier task – all thanks to a few winning tips and working methods to work for everyone.


Cleaning windows is one of the most stressful cleaning tasks, and certainly the one we would prefer to postpone. Cleaning windows is not a daily activity, and it is recommended to thoroughly clean the windows once every two to three months. To maintain the thorough cleaning, we recommend wiping the windows using window spray every week or two, for the quick removal of the accumulated dust and for burnishing windshield.

In order to thoroughly, and not less important – easily, clean the windows, it is recommended to prepare several items to be used during the cleaning:

  1. A vacuum cleaner or a hair drier;
  2. Few clean and dry cloths;
  3. A bowl with some water and dish soap;
  4. Sano Clear Window Cleaning Spray;
  5. Non sharp metal knife.

Let's begin by dismantling the windows. Most sliding windows can be dismantled, and newer windows are suitable for easier, simpler cleaning. The hard dirt such as dust, soot, and animal excrement will be cleaned with a cloth and water with soap. Do not be tempted to clean the windows with a brush or steel wool that may scratch the glass and profile, but instead wash the windows well and wipe with a dry and clean cloth. The shutters will be cleaned with soapy water and sponge soaked in clean water. Then, let them dry in the sun. Let’s move to the rails. With all due respect to the windows and shutters, the window rails are the real serious problem. The rails accumulate dust and dirt and are hard to clean as they are narrow. So how do you get spotless rails anyway?

Vacuum the rails with a vacuum cleaner with a narrow opening to remove the large dirt such as dust residues, leaves and so forth. If you do not have a vacuum cleaner, a regular hair dryer will do the job - instead of vacuuming it will blow away the dirt.

Cover the dark knife with a damp cloth soaked in some detergent and pass it through the rails. You can add some detergent as needed. Then, replace the wet cloth with a dry and clean cloth pass along the rails absorb the left fluids and polishing the rails.

So far, the window panes are dry and clean but they still don’t shine. Spray them with Sano clear for window polishing and wipe with a dry cloth. Although the old myth recommends polishing the window using a newspaper, but the paper crumbles quickly in contact with the spray leaving tiny fibers on the windshield.

We put the windows back in place and you are done.