All the methods for a pleasant scent at home

A good scent around the house gives a pleasant atmosphere, a sense of cleanliness and a sense of home. How do you keep a pleasant odor around at home throughout the day? Tips for a pleasant scent

Smells can remind us of the forgotten, they can evoke repugnance or closeness, some smells arouse emotions in us and others have a real physical effect on the body. So no wonder the smell of the house is especially important. Bad smells can be a sign of a pipe problem or just that it's time to clean the house. However, the lack of a good smell at home does not always indicate your cleanliness habits. Smells, especially pleasant and delicate, tend to evaporate quickly. To maintain the pleasant and fragrant atmosphere, we must be careful about regular perfumes. So how do we make sure our house smells wonderful?


Keep away noxious odors

Keep regular maintenance and removal of noxious odors such as garbage can, cleaning the sink of containers and food scraps, emptying ashtrays, and the like. Vases of flowers with standing-water tend to stink after a week, and damp cloths like wet carpets will smell stale. If the sink smells particularly bad, it is recommended to perform a treatment to clean the plumbing with a sealant. Even if there is no blockage, sometimes food that remains in the pipes and rots smells bad.

Keep ventilation

Along with the distribution of pleasant odors it is important to maintain constant ventilation. The smells of cooking, pets and basically anything we do inside our house can affect the smell that characterizes the house. Maintaining constant ventilation will allow circulation of air and removal of bad odors or a choked feeling around the house.

Air freshener, burner or diffuser?

In recent years, the home fragrance industry has especially developed and grown, and today you can find countless accessories and products for spreading odors. What is the most suitable? The first question is which space is the product best suitable for. The diffuser, for example, will be especially suitable for small spaces like the bathroom or bedrooms. Make sure to turn the sticks every 24 hours. Candles and burners give off more intense aromas and therefore will also be suitable for larger spaces. They further add a dimension of design and therefore suitable for decorating the living room or guest rooms. A fragrance spray dispenser or an automatic device that spreads odor regularly according to the device settings will also be suitable for large spaces and general fragrance of the house.

How to choose a scent?

According to the old saying, there’s no accounting for taste. The fragrance selection is personal, but it is still possible to match the smells to the various spaces. Homes that are designed in a warm, romantic style, with rustic or European style furnishings, will be flattered by warm aromas like vanilla and cinnamon. Houses with a more modern design, spacious, with minimalist furniture, with light or monochromatic colors, will be flattered by more delicate fragrances like musk, flower aromas or ambiance aromas like sea scent.

Men will prefer aromas of nature and trees whereas women prefer spicy and sweet flavors. Further, seasons also play a role in favoring fragrances; in winter, the demand for spicy or citrus aromas increases while during summer time, we tend to prefer more gentle and herbal-based fragrances. For bedrooms, it is recommended to choose fragrances such as lavender, patchouli and floral aromas that provide a relaxed ambiance and help improve sleep.