A winning tip - how to clean a burnt pot

Scrubbing pots is an unnecessary job. Thanks to a small and brilliant tip, you do not have to scrub or strain. Just a few minutes of work and the pot is polished. Here is how it works.

A stubborn black residue and no matter how much you scrub, it is not removed. Does this sound familiar to you? You do not have to scrub anymore thanks to a simple and genius trick that will save any pot, even those that are especially burned.



So what should we do?

Fill the pot with two cups of water, put it on the gas and light the flame.

Add half a cup of Sano Maxima washing powder, stir and boil. Then, lower the flame and “cook” the solution for approximately fifteen minutes. Increase the flame and boil for about 2-3 minutes and remove the pot from the gas. Let the pot chill slightly. Pour the water and scratch the burnt residue using a wooden spoon.

The residue at the bottom of the pot can be cleaned with Sano Spark Dish Soap and steel wool. In the case of a pot with a special cover, scrub it with a gentle sponge to avoid its scratching.

And this is it – the pot is polished.