Tips for proper storage

The greatest enemy of neatness is the lack of storage space. When there is not enough space or when there isn’t a designates place for every object around the house, we find ourselves drowning in a mess. So how do we store right?

The process of arranging the house can be simpler and much more convenient is we know in advance how to organize it in a smart and convenient manner. The solution for swift organization is smart storage. Why? Because where everything has a designated place and each item is places in its place, it is simpler to maintain the order around the house and the very organizing task does not take a long time.


Do not afraid to sort – a quality organization begins with a strict sorting of object and keeping with only the most necessary objects. Here are several rules that will assist you in deciding what you can toss:


  • If the clothing item is torn, stained or worn out and it can’t be worn.
  • If you can’t remember the last time you wore the clothing item.
  • If the clothing item is too small or too big and was not worn for years.


  • If the item is broken / non-functioning.
  • If you can’t remember what the item is for.
  • If it is so old that it cannot be used.


It is truly hard to toss old flight tickets of your great trip South America, but truth be told – chances are that the next time you will see them will be when you thoroughly organize your closet. Instead of keeping all tickets, brochures, greeting cards and certificates you collected throughout your life, allocate a large box for those souvenirs, where the important items can be stored. For all other tickets, notes and drawings – save a warm place in your heart – where there is no need to keep the order.

Right organization begins with the location

To maintain the order, it is important to give thought to the location of the stud. In order to make a good decision, think about how often you and the other members of the house use the stuff that you are keen to store. Each item (except for clothes) has to have only one place around the house. When you store similar items in different places, it is likely that at least one location will be forgotten and the stored stuff will not be used. When you locate the stuff around the house, designate one location for each item that suits the frequency of its use and the purposes it is used for. For instance, all the stationary will be placed together, all the spices together, all the shoes in one location and so forth.

Use baskets and boxes – in order to maintain a neat appearance, to the extent possible, it is recommended to place the stuff in designated baskets and boxes instead of throwing them in a drawer or the closet. Each box will be assigned a subject, and this is the way to preserve a neat and sorted appearance. In the lingerie drawer, all the underpants will be stored in one box, where the socks will be stored in another, the spice cabinet will appear more organized if all the spices jars will be collected in a single box. The storing in boxes can be implemented on almost any item – from cables to colors and working tools. Everything will appear more organized and pleasant to the eye when stored in a box or a basket.

Inside the closet, it is possible to store items in transparent plastic boxes through which it is possible to see the content of it without opening it. In addition, it is possible to transform shoe boxes, net fruit baskets and hard packages from other products to storage boxes.

The secret is making lists – we all have the dark side in the closet – that with the bags and boxes that we have no idea what they include. In addition to the mess and dust they accumulate, it is possible that the object you have been looking for months with no luck is in them. Next time you organize the closet, write down on the side of the closet door or the very box that bag or box contains.