8 Things that a dish soap can do better than any other preparation

You thought that the dish soap on the marble next to the sink is only good for washing dishes? Think again. From removing stains to greasing door hinges – here are the surprising uses of dish soap that work wonderfully.

Dish soap is found in every house and we all use it at least twice a day for dishing the dishes piled in the sink. This article reveals that the dish soap is much more than a dish washing preparation.

The modern dish soap is powerful on one hand, and a thoroughly cleaning preparation on the other. It does not damage the skin and is harmless, which makes it a multi-useful preparation. Here are 8 original uses of the dish soap, which will make your life simpler.

  1. Clean the blender

After every use of the food processor or blender, we are struggling to decide how to wash this complex device. You will be happy to reveal that the easiest method is also the one that works best - fill the dirty dish with water and add some dish soap, turn on the device for a few seconds and let the mix work. Turn off, pour the mix out and rinse thoroughly. The device is now clean and ready to use.

  1. Cleaning of burnt pots



In order to clean a burnt pot, it can be rubbed, using extremely strong preparations – and in short – to struggle against it. Alternatively, it is possible to fill the pot with water and dish soap, to turn the fire and let the solution boil. Remove from the flame, let it cool and clean regularly, using the dish sponge. The heat, together with the active substance of the dish soap will melt the burnt grease and the cleaning is simple than ever.

3.Cleaning jewelry

Polishing the jewelry without using strong materials that can damage the metal – let the jewelry soak in a bowl with soda water (yes, just like the ones we drink) mixed with a large spoon of dish soap. The bubble effect and active ingredient of the soap dissolve fat and dust residues. Take the jewelry out, slightly rubbing with a soft toothbrush and wash. The jewelry is polished – guaranteed

4.Getting rid of stubborn stains

Oil stains, grease or color of the clothes can easily be removed using dish soap. Rub a small amount of the dish soap directly on the stain, leave for a whole day and wash regularly.

5.Clean the air conditioner filters

Summer is coming and the air conditioner is expected to work hard. Get it ready for the summer and clean its filters. Remove the air conditioner filter, soak in warm water mixed with dish soap, clean thoroughly using a toothbrush and rinse. After they dry, place them back where they belong. It is recommended to repeat this process once every two months.

6.The door squeaks? Soap it

The squeaking hinges of doors and cabinets can be an annoying nuisance. Apply some dish soap between the hinges and the squeaks will seize immediately.

7.Getting rid of weeds

Every owner of a well-tended garden or terrace knows the phenomenon of weeds. The classic solution is to use chemical substances that are toxic for humans and domestic animals, but we have a winning and natural tip. In a spray bottle, mix a teaspoon of dish soap, a tablespoon of salt and regular white vinegar. Spray on the infected areas and within a few days you will get rid of weeds.

8.Home pedicure and manicure that you have to try

Soak your feet and hands in warm water mixes with few drops of dish soap. The active ingredient removes the oil layer that is accumulated around the finger nails and the skin around the nails. The nails will be given natural shine and will appear healthy and strong.