How to ventilate and clean the mattress

Though we usually can’t see it, the bed mattress can be one of the dirtiest areas around the house. How do we thoroughly ventilate and clean it?


Throughout the night, the average human is secreting some 250 millimeters of sweat. When mixed with dust and the natural wear, the mattress gets dirty from time to time. So how can we preserve a clean mattress without bad odors.

High quality mattresses are often padded with durable fabrics and are designed to be stain repellent and therefore will appear clean over time. Additional financial investment may be required in such mattresses, but in the long run it is a worthwhile investment - especially if you are allergic to dust. If a stubborn stain appears on the mattress, clean it with Sano Kal Spray and Wash, and clean water. Once every two weeks, it is recommended to thoroughly vacuum the mattress, spread baking soda all over it, wait half an hour and vacuum again. The baking soda neutralizes odors and naturally absorbs sweat, where the vacuuming removes excess dust. In order to give the mattress a pleasant smell, it can be sprayed with textile and fabric perfume and wait for full drying.